Our proven methodology blends futures studies, complexity and design thinking together to unlock an innovation culture that is naturally human centric.  Our process fosters exploration, experimentation and imagination to co-create a desirable future.


  • Our full day interactive session starts with an introduction to human centric innovation and the importance of blending foresight, complexity and creativity into your organisation strategy.
  • In order to successfully innovate you need a diverse team who can bring different world views to the table. This fun exercise will help your team to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • The Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) reflects an organisation’s aspiration – the core purpose of it’s existence.  We will lead your team through an interactive exercise where they will co-create your MTP.
  • In order to realise your MTP you will need a futures road map. We conclude the day with a back-casting exercise that will help your team identify key initiatives to focus their sights on.

We use a blend of foresight, design thinking and global innovation methodologies to take you on this exciting journey.


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