Senior futurist – Embracing Innovation BY design

I have had the opportunity to share my stories and insights on numerous platforms across academia, government and private sector.    It is always rewarding to be able to give people a different perspective of the future.  A perspective that goes beyond the popular headlines and accepted societal assumptions.  People become inspired once they realise they can be part of creating a better future. It is a mind shift that takes place, moving people to a point of hope and a positive future.


Universities and business schools

I love engaging with the youth as I always learn so much from youngsters who have grown up in a very different world.  Youngsters who are passionate about creating a better world and have a very different world view to me.


International Conferences

Getting business people to think differently about innovation is always exciting and rewarding.  By sharing real stories with rich visuals you can take people on an innovation journey that they can imagine, relate to and embrace.

Key note addresses and festivals

As a futurist you naturally have a positive world view.  I love bringing that positivity into a room and getting people excited about being part of creating a better future.

Innovation and futures strategy advisory

In order to envision a better future you need to lift your head up from the numbers and spend some time in the future.  Thinking about the future is not easy but you can be trained to do it.  By bringing together foresight, creativity and systemic thinking you will learn to embrace uncertainty and be part of creating a better future.