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Welcome to my world. I work at the edge of business, design and the futures. By bringing together my long track record in business with design thinking and futures studies I am able to help you unlock your creativity in order to become more agile, resilient and innovative.


I have been blessed with a very interesting and rewarding career. I have had the opportunity to work across government and private sector – from a one man start up to a NYSE listed company. I have learnt through experience how to be agile and navigate uncertainty. I have learnt that in order to survive the rapid disruption the world is currently experiencing you need to be part of creating a better future. You need to be able to lift your head from the numbers, look forward and envisage the futures that lie ahead.  I have managed to do this as a leader, advisor and mentor.  And it has been a fantastic journey.


My goal is to help you unlock the 4-year old in you. To rediscover that inquisitive child that was always asking “Why?” As we grow up and move from preschool through to college that inquisitiveness is slowly dampened and by the time you reach working age it is completely stifled and hidden away.

If you truly want to unlock innovation you need to rediscover that 4-year old. You need to bring back and celebrate that free spirited soul. Your working environment needs to accommodate space for that 4-year old to flourish. You need an environment that truly promotes creativity and discovery.

Without that you will only achieve incremental innovation. A lighter laptop, a brighter light, a faster car etc.

And that’s when the disruption HITS you.

Not from your traditional competitor.

But from someone that has come to disrupt your whole industry.

In this rapidly changing world you are either a disruptor or you become disrupted.

Be honest… “How innovative are you?”

If you would like to hear how I can help you on your journey to unlocking innovation please reach out.

All the best with the future



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