Helping you unleash innovation

Practicing foresight, unlocking creativity and embracing complexity

You cannot predict the future but you can be part of creating a better future.  In order to help you navigate this exciting future you need to learn to blend  foresight, creativity and complexity together in a way that unlocks innovation.  The World Economic Forum report on The Future of Jobs says that the three most important skills by 2020 will be Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

The world as we know it is being disrupted by numerous technologies from blockchain to drones to artificial intelligence.

What does a shared economy world look like?

Are we heading towards a world of abundance?

Do I get to genetically design my baby by 2030?

Professions of the future that are required to navigate these rapid disruptions are going to have to be agile and creative.  Interestingly creativity jumped from the number ten spot in 2005 to third spot in the 2020 WEF report.  Artificial Intelligence and robots are getting us to solutions quicker and easier but they are not as creative as humans.

Traditional rote learning methods are not going to help you survive in this future that is fast approaching.  We are going to have to be critical thinkers and complex problem solvers if we wish to excel.  Welcome to the world of innovation.

The question is how well have you and your organization embraced these skills of the future?